UUCAN on Twitter

The UU Climate Action Network has a new Twitter account that we’ll be using to collect and amplify your news.  If you’re looking to share news, Twitter is the perfect medium so good to be moving toward a Twitter account if you haven’t already.

We’ll be collecting news to share via automated web searches and by following your Twitter accounts. But the best way to share your news is to tag our new account when you share a related message.

Here’s how that works.

If you are on Twitter, if you tweet something related to climate action you’d like shared, just include @UUClimateAction in your message.  That will result in an instant or nearly instant notice to our account. We can then retweet it .  While this account is building its audience within the UUA, with climate action partners, and the media, we will be giving tweets a boost via Peter Bowden’s @uuplanet and @UUTV accounts depending on the nature of the tweet.

So, if you want your UU Climate Action and Justice news shared, add @UUClimateAction to the end of your tweet.

Note, addition to sharing your tweets we’ll also work to include relevant hashtags like #ClimateChange and #divest to give your tweets more reach in case you forgot to.

Have questions? You may ask via comments below.

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