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Are you a Unitarian Universalist interested in networking with other UU climate action and justice leaders?

Join the UU Climate Action Network Facebook group!

Once added to the group, please introduce yourself. We’ve been doing this from day 1. Please include UU congregation, organizational affiliations.  Also review posting guidelines below.

This Facebook group has been created to serve as a networking, learning and organizing space for Unitarian Universalist climate and justice leaders primarily within the Unitarian Universalist Association.  This group is being managed by Peter Bowden, with leaders from UUCAN partner organizations the UU Ministry for Earth and the UU United Nations Office serving as official liaisons to the group.

NOT ON FACEBOOK? We have an easy solution!  Join Facebook! You can’t be a leader and activist if you aren’t willing to organize where the people are.  And UU’s are very much on Facebook. (Peter’s opinion)

Version 1  – Published September 9, 2013
By Peter Bowden, group community manager

YES — Every post should have an explicit connection to Unitarian Universalism and climate action & justice.  Posts where the connection is not obvious will be deleted on sight, so be explicit.  Make sure we know why this is of relevance to this community.
NO — This is NOT a space for debating science, politics and/or posting the weather of the day unless you are explicitly sharing it in the context of UU climate action and justice!

BE POSITIVE — We can’t change the world if we can’t get along. If you disagree with something and are annoyed, go meditate, write in your journal, and then write a response. It is fine to disagree, but be respectful, be helpful, be positive.

WATCH YOUR TONE, CRANKY PANTS — We want to learn from one another, support our collective work and ministry, and take our climate action and justice efforts to the next level.  The value of this community hinges on developing a positive and productive space.  No matter how much you disagree with something or how wrong someone may be (in your opinion),  responding in a harsh, insulting or disrespectful tone is not welcome. When annoyed beyond belief, think to yourself, how would a mentor act?

GONE, GONE, GONE — Posts that clearly do not follow these guidelines will be deleted with a comment noting the reason attached to a running house cleaning post.  People who repeatedly post content or act in ways counter to the goals of this space will be informed publicly of this within the group.

GROUP FOCUS AND POSTING MODES — At various times the group may be kicked from an “everyone may post” mode to only admins posting.  This will be done periodically to have the entire communities energy be focused on specific posts, such as if we had Bill McKibben, Al Gore or UUA President Peter Morales join us and offer to do a question and answer session.

COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT — This Facebook group space is being created, held, and managed by me, Peter Bowden, with the support of UUCAN partner organization leaders.  Changing group posting guidelines, removing people from the group, and other group management actions are my responsibility and ultimately at my discretion.  Before taking action impacting our community and this space I will check in with the group.


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