UU Ministry for Earth


Connecting and inspiring an active community of UUs for environmental justice, spiritual renewal, and shared reverence for our Earth home.


We envision a world in which reverence, gratitude, and care for the living Earth are central to the lives of all people. Our purpose is to inspire, facilitate, and support personal, congregational, and denominational practices that honor and sustain the Earth and all beings. We affirm and promote the seven principles of the UUA, including: “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” Although the UU Ministry for Earth has close ties to the UUA, it is a separate not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization with an independent Board of Directors.

Supporting Our Work

As an independent non-profit organization, most of UUMFE’s funding comes from memberships, donations, grants, and resource sales. A special targeted gift, given to us through the UUA, supported the Program Associate in Environmental Justice position. All other UUMFE programs, projects, resources, and staff depend upon our own fundraising efforts. Here are the many ways you can support our work:

  • Become a member or renew, make a donation, purchase resources, and download the Environmental Justice Curriculum “Our Place in the Web of Life” on our Donate & Order page or download and print a form that you can mail to us.
  • Join the fifteen Parents for the Planet, a special giving level for people who can make gifts of $1,000 or more to UUMFE
  • Provide a targeted donation to support the newly formed UU Young Adult Climate Action Network.
  • Ask your congregation to have a special plate collection for UU Ministry for Earth
  • Volunteer to write a story about environmental justice work in your congregation
  • Ask how you can get involved with environmental justice in your community, your congregation, and your faith tradition

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