Unitarian Universalist March for Climate Justice

Among the 310,000 participating in the People’s Climate March on September 21, 2014 was a huge faith contingent including thousands of Unitarian Universalists.  Together with people of all faith traditions — Christians, Quakers, Humanists, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Pagans, my fellow Unitarian Universalists, and others — marched to bring attention to global warming as a moral issue and to issue a call for climate justice.

Below is a collection of media from the march including photos of Unitarian Universalists,  videos and other coverage.

Find yourself in the March!
The following video has footage of the People’s Climate March Faith Contingent. Can you find yourself in the crowd?

Peter Bowden’s Photos, available for use with photo credit

See all 250+ of Peter Bowden’s Photos

UU World Magazine

Commit2Respond  Campaign

At the People’s Climate March the new UU #commit2respond climate justice campaign kicked off.   This campaign, which will be in full swing in 2015,  is a  joint initiative of the following organizations:

You can sign up for updates and share your ideas at Commit2respond.org.  

Connect on Facebook

Connect with other UUs working on climate action and justice (or wanting to)!  Join the  UU Climate Action Network Faceook Group,  space for us to networking,  share resources and organizing.   https://www.facebook.com/groups/uucanJoin our UU Climate Action Facebook Group!

People’s Climate and UUs on The VUU

2 Comments on “Unitarian Universalist March for Climate Justice

  1. During my lifetime, I’ve been to hundreds of marches, rallies, conferences, etc., in support of a long list of good causes…. When the event is over, I’m often asked, “What did you think about that event?” Nowadays, the best response that I can offer is something like this, “Ask me that question a year from now. If we have the opportunity, ask the question 3-5 years into the future.”

    • Why wait for 3-5 years? Almost six months have passed, since the note above was written…. During the past six months, the drought in California has continued. Much of North America has been hit by a terrible winter that has dumped huge amounts of snow on cities on Boston. In the area where I live, the human services centers have been jammed with people in search of emergency food and fuel assistance…. Some religious groups have been very helpful….. This is what climate change looks like, folks. Bursts of “crazy weather,” with emergency services crews scrambling around, trying to help the needy. The elderly, the homeless, the people who don’t speak English and who don’t have their citizenship papers, and other vulnerable groups, are often the people who suffer the most…. In my neighborhood, another storm is on its way. What’s happening in your neighborhood?

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