UUA part of coalition of investors with ‘unburnable’ fossil fuels concerns

UUA LogoThe Unitarian Universalist Association is one of a growing number of investors with concerns over “unburnable” fossil fuel reserves and investment in new fossil fuel projects.  The UUA was one of the organizations raising concerns in this September 9th, 2013 letter.

Read the full story on Inside Climate News:  Wall Street Demands Answers From Fossil Fuel Producers on ‘Unburnable’ Carbon. 

For official UUA news please see the UUA Press Room.

One Comment on “UUA part of coalition of investors with ‘unburnable’ fossil fuels concerns

  1. Suggested reading for climate change activists? If I make a list for the December holiday season, I’ll include Doug Muder’s essay about “political empathy.” You’ll find it in the Winter 2013 issue of “World” magazine….. The big problem in the climate change debate is that – well, the debate is much too “polarized.” (Sorry, polar bears.) So, there is very little sympathy for opponents…. It doesn’t matter if you belong to the Tea Party or to the Sierra Club or to some other group…. If I tell you my position on climate change and you disagree, it’s obvious that you’re ignorant, at best, and, maybe, you’re some kind of cheat with a hidden agenda…. Hmmmmmm….. It doesn’t have to be this way. When the first climate change discussions started, there was a lot of bipartisanship. As community problems have developed, different groups have found ways to work together. This often happens after a natural disaster… Maybe religious groups can help in this situation.

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